• Coalitions - Our pioneer organisations will set up coalitions with key civil society actors in order to advocate for more supportive regulatory frameworks for community energy.
  • Training - we will deliver training and technical assistance to new energy community projects and enable peer to peer exchanges in the region.
  • Bridge with other countries - we will liaise with energy communities and coalitions in other countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria) and share our tools and experience with the emerging movement in these countries.
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Cooperative de energie members


REScoop.eu is the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives. We represent the voice of energy cooperatives to European policy makers and provide our members with networking and capacity building opportunities. We are a growing network of 2.250 European energy cooperatives and their 1.500.000 citizens who are active in the energy transition.

ZEZ is a non-profit cooperative based in Zagreb, Croatia. Our work focuses on locally initiated renewable energy projects, with the aim of empowering local communities using local resources. Our main activities include the development of innovative business models and financing mechanisms for local energy initiatives, citizen participation and ownership, energy poverty and advocacy.

Electra Energy, based in Athens, is a social cooperative dedicated to fostering a fair and sustainable energy transition, with a primary focus on Greece and South-East Europe. The core initiatives revolve around capacity building, action research, advocacy, and project development, all aimed at empowering citizens and fueling energy democracy. Electra is an active member of REScoop.eu, Build Better Lives and Community Power Coalition.

Focus Association for Sustainable Development is a Slovenian NGO committed to promoting comprehensive socioeconomic changes towards a decent life within planetary boundaries. We fulfil our mission through research, awareness-raising, advocacy and participation in policy-making processes. Our work focuses on the following areas: climate change, energy, sustainable mobility, global responsibility, ethical consumption and degrowth.

Solidarity Economy Center (SEC) is based in Budapest and was formed in 2019 with the purpose to facilitate the development of a solidarity-based economy in Hungary. The energy working group investigates the conditions for a just green transition. With the foundation of Transzformátor Community Energy Center in 2023, we aim to facilitate the establishment and development of energy communities in Hungary.

TalTech is the primary Estonian institution for technology education and home to 10,000 students and 2000 staff. The Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance (RND) of Taltech is an interdisciplinary research centre under the School of Business and Governance that focuses on public administration and technology governance.

CoopTech Hub is the first center for platform cooperativism in Poland, powered by PLZ Coop. Our goal is to create a trust-based community through a digital restart of cooperativism. We act for global collaboration in different sectors and local application of best practices; we are a business and technological support for co-op and sustainable initiatives.

Cooperativa de Energie is the first energy community in Romania that provides 100% green energy with guarantees of origin. The main objective of the Cooperative is to facilitate the energy transition in Romania towards renewable energy sources, where the citizen plays an active role and can become a consumer and investor in green energy. The Cooperative has two main lines of activity: supplying and producing renewable energy and informing and educating on renewable energy.